Agricultural vehicles

DPF’s for agricultural vehicles

We produce diesel particle filters (DPF) for a wide range of agricultural vehicles. For example, our diesel particle filters can be fitted on combine harvesters for an efficient harvest, with an impressive reduction in soot emissions.

Cleaner future for agricultural vehicles with DPF

They say you reap what you sow. To some degree, this is true for farming. But to a certain extent, agriculture is left to the whims of the climate. At the same time, modern agriculture does contribute to our environmental footprint, partly because of the vehicles that are used. We aim to make it easier for those working in agriculture to embrace new technology in their everyday life. That way it gets easier to take steps in the right direction for clean air. With this goal in mind, our diesel particle filters (DPF) for agricultural vehicles are a great advantage.

Dpf filter for tractors and harvesters

Regardless if you have a repairshop for big vehicles like farming machinery, or maybe work as a manufacturer of harvesters and tractors . There are times when you need to use a diesel particulate filter. You may need to move the vehicles inside the facility, garage or in the workshop to create more space inside, or just move them from one station to another and therefore reduce the emissions indoors. By reducing the emission, you also reduce the risk of getting ill from the particles that the emission generates.

Alot of our dpf filters can be used as harvester dpf or tractor dpf, we have diesel particulate filters that are suitable for almost all types of agricultural vehicles. Have a look at our products below to see what dpf suits you the best.


Ask us about diesel particle filters for agriculture

Our DPF’s can be fitted on combine harvesters as well as many other kinds of agricultural vehicles. Once fitted, they collect the soot containing hazardous particles on its way through the exhaust. Our system is developed to reduce issues regarding air pollution caused by vehicles that are normally driven short distances. We can tell you all about it and help you to find the right diesel particle filter for specific agricultural vehicles. Contact us for
more information!

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