DPF’s for mining vehicles

We have developed diesel particulate filters (DPF) that can handle the conditions that mining vehicles are used in.

Without these filters, diesel particulate matter can spread through underground mines. It pollutes the air and poses serious health risks.

Diesel particulate matter in underground mines

Mining is a rather unique industry, that deals with a lot of unique challenges. Health and safety for workers is an obvious concern. And mining is developing, with more and more efforts made to lower the risks that come with working underground.

One factor is the inhalation of hazardous particles. Diesel particulate matter is produced from the combustion of fuel and causes cancer in humans when inhaled. Many mining vehicles are fuelled by diesel, but with DPFs fitted they become a lot safer to use. So, by choosing our effective diesel particulate filters for mining vehicles you are taking a stand and making a difference for health and safety.

Ask us about DPF for mining vehicles

The way vehicles are used in mining poses a certain set of challenges for DPF technology to function the way it should. We are happy to help you figure out the right solution for your specific requirements. If you are interested in minimising the emission of diesel particulate matter in underground mines, get in touch with us.

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