Mount the P15 Filter on cars and light vehicles to reduce exhaust particles by up to 99 percent when driving short distances indoors. This filter is unaffected by humidity and has a max temperature of 200°C. Along with soot, the filter separates mutagenic, carcinogenic and allergy producing substances found on the particles. The filter function is activated immediately when the engine is started, and provides maximum flexibility for indoor use.

See a movie about how easy it is to use P15 in a car manufacturing

  • Separates hazardous substances
  • For short distance driving indoors
  • Reduces particles with >99%
  • For cars and light vehicles
  • Use in factories, showrooms, workshops etc.
  • Unaffected by humidity


Particle separation
Aldehyde separation
Max. engine size
4 L
Max. temperature
Filter lifetime
The lifetime is dependent on the engine size, engine type, how it is used and engine condition.
0.4 kg
Filter EHC P15 complies with emission standards in TRGS 554 (D), COSHH (GB) and VERT (CH) B272
The EHC Particle Filter can be disposed in regular waste.