The EHC PF Filter is designed for heavy-duty applications and is recommended for vehicles and machines that are used intensively. This filter radically reduces >98% of all exhaust particles, gases and smells in exhaust fumes. 

The particles which are caught in the filter element needs to be removed, and the EHC PF Filters automatically self-regenerates when the correct temperature is reached.

For self-regeneration, the temperature needs to exceed 300°C. If you are not certain about how high the temperature of the exhaust gas is, this can be recorded and checked with a temperature logger. If the temperature is too low for self-regeneration, there are other solutions, or we can offer an EHC HT.

As all regenerating filters, the EHC PF needs some maintenance. The service intervals are up to 1500 hours depending on:

  • Fuel quality
  • Oil consumption
  • The condition of the engine
  • The use of the machine
  • The type of additive
  • Self-regenerates from 300°C
  • For permanent installation
  • > 98% efficiency
  • Service every 1500 hours
Particle separation
CO/NO2/HC separation
Max. 30 ppm
max 1.3
Exhaust gas temprature
min 300°C
Exhaust Filter EHC PF meets the TRGS 554 (D) and COSHH (GB) regulation. VERT-Filterlist B289/08.10, EMPA 456-943.