We manufacture exhaust filters and particle filters

EHC is based in Gothenburg, and specialise in exhaust filters. Our business started in 1983, and we have our own production facilities, located in Partille near Gothenburg.

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HT FilterFor permanent installation on heavy vehicles, forklifts and working machinery.

L20 FilterDesigned for starting and driving trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles.

P15 FilterSuitable for starting and driving cars and light transport vehicles.

PF FilterHeavy-duty exhaust filter for permanent installation.

Why should you use our exhaust filter?

Each time you inhale exhaust particles some of them get stuck in your lung tissue. The smaller the particles, the deeper they penetrate. This can cause both short-term and long-term health consequences, for example, coughing, difficulty breathing, asthma, chronic bronchitis, decreased lung capacity and at worst, cancer.

EHC manufactures mobile exhaust filters that are mounted directly on the exhaust pipe. Our filter stops up to 99% of the dangerous particles.

Who is vulnerable?

If you are exposed to exhaust fumes from vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines, you are exposed to a health hazard. Especially if those vehicles are started or run indoors. The risks are most evident for those driving or working on vehicles, but there is convincing proof that even people in adjacent rooms are a vulnerable group.

We have the privilege to serve our customers around the world with solutions to their exhaust problems.

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