The Ultimate Solution for Indoor Vehicle Emissions Control

The EHC L20 is an exhaust filter for temporary driving of vehicles in factories, ships, workshops, exhibition halls, etc. The L20 filter reduces the number of particles by up to 99 percent and starts working right when the engine starts.

Purify and Protect

The L20 filter separates particles and reduces mutagenic, cancerous and allergenic substances. It provides maximum flexibility for indoor use and is unaffected by moisture. The filter models have different exhaust gas volumes.

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  • Unaffected by humidity
  • For temporary installation
  • Start and move heavy-duty vehicles
  • Reduces particles by >99%
  • Use in factories, workshops, exhibition halls etc.
  • Reduces particles immediately when the motor starts

Particle separation
Aldehyde separation
Max. 10L (1xL20)
Max. Temp. Standard Replacement, 4120171
Max. Temp. Reinforced Replacement, 4120371
Filter lifetime
The lifetime is dependent on the engine size, engine type, how it is used and engine condition.
Weight single L20
5 – 7 kg
Vikt double L20
11 kg
Filter EHC L20 complies with emission standards in TRGS 554 (D), COSHH (GB) and VERT (CH) B272
The EHC Particle Filter can be disposed in regular waste.