How one man’s curiosity built an industry

Let us tell you a story. About Rolf, who was given a challenge that he could not let go of. A project that grew into a business. A business with a continued commitment to safe work environments and clean air.

The year was 1980. Rolf Johnson worked at a company specialising in manufacturing air filters for ventilation facilities. One day, when Rolf was visiting a client, he got asked to solve a problem: exhaust emissions from indoor driving.

Rolf did not know how to solve the problem, but driven by the challenge he took on the project. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of a profitable business. And a long and fruitful collaboration with the company that sparked his passion for the subject.

He started off working in the workshop in his garage, but as Rolf took on more work and the project started taking up more time, he decided to start his own business in
1983. The market had a demand and Rolf’s particulate filter could meet it.

The client that Rolf met with at that meeting back in 1980 was Volvo. They were very pleased with the first diesel particulate filter that Rolf delivered. During the first three
years he had his hands full with projects for the Swedish car company and worked solely with them. After a few years EHC got a request from what would be the first
international client, situated in Italy. Just a few months later we had become successful in Germany, which today is our largest market (together with Benelux).

Rolf moved operations from his garage to facilities in Partille outside of Gothenburg, where EHC can still be found today. We have founded subsidiaries in Belgium
(Benelux) and Germany. In these countries we work directly with the end clients to meet their needs.

Rolf has two daughters named Karin and Christina. They ran the business for several years, with Rolf supporting them through senior knowledge and dedication. In 2021, EHC took a new step in its development and became part of Sustainion Group AB, whose share is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market under the short name (SUSG). New owners entered the board, and we continue to develop the company towards a new future. We have a great team with extensive experience of our products and creating solutions for the needs of our clients.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is simple; reduced emissions for a better working environment. Likewise, our mission is to be the market leader in developing, manufacturing and selling emission-reducing filters, always with the customer in focus.

All our diesel particulate filters are developed with the purpose of improving work environments for those working in garages, machine storage buildings and other workplaces where machines are run. Regardless of if they are driven long or short distances, indoors or outdoors.

Thanks to, and together with, our dedicated staff the company keeps moving forward.

We continue building specialised solutions shaped by the needs of our clients. Solving the challenges of our clients is always in focus. That is why we work based on the principle that there are basically no limits to what can be achieved. Fast deliveries are part of our service policy.

Certified exhaust cleaning for better environment

Thanks to all the great clients and challenging emission issues that we have faced over the past 35 years, we have been able to accumulate considerable knowledge. EHC Teknik ab operates in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The idea is to provide you, as a client, with security and a guarantee that we act professionally and provide high quality products to solve environmental issues in your facility.

Are you experiencing challenges with exhaust emissions in a workplace? Contact EHC Teknik to discuss solutions for healthy colleagues and long-term cost-efficiency.

Facts about our environmental work

EHC diesel particulate filters meet the principles of TRGS 554 (D) and COSHH (GB). We are listed on the VERT Filter List and meet the standards of organisations such as BAFU, EMPA and TÜV.
Low emission zones. As they reduce NOx emissions and upgrade vehicles to Euro V and Euro VI standards, some low emission zone regulations can be met using diesel particulate filters.
We provide professional service for your DPFs to prolong their life span, in our facilities or on site.
EHC diesel particulate filters are VERT certified, a certificate that indicates high quality.
The filters can be disposed of as regular combustible waste.

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