Exhaust filters for forklifts

Here at EHC, we have developed exhaust filters that fit the way forklifts are used. DPF stands for diesel particulate filter and fitting them to forklifts will support clean air and a health-conscious workplace.

Better air with DPF for forklifts

When it comes to performance, a diesel forklift can accelerate and lift faster than its electric counterpart. However, the electric variant does not release the same hazardous exhaust fumes while in operation. With forklift exhaust filters, you can take a huge step towards bridging the gap between high performance and reduced air pollution. As DPF filters for fork lifts have the capacity to rapidly decrease the amount of soot emissions, they are a brilliant asset.

Our DPF filters for forklifts have been created specifically for those driving short distances. Whether you are using the forklifts on a construction site or transporting goods, DPFs function as a safety net for the health of the people working on the floor as well as everyone else breathing in that air.

Contact us about forklift exhaust filters

We provide DPF solutions for forklifts as well as a wide variety of other vehicles. If you are interested in our exhaust filters and would like to know more about how they are best used, feel free to contact us with your questions!

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