Spark arrestors are a simple but important safety feature for explosion sensitive zones where a stray spark can ignite combustible material.

The spark arresters supplied by EHC are designed according to the centrifugal principle, which has the effect that the burning soot particles start to rotate in the exhaust gases. As a result, they strike the outer wall of the spark arrestor at high speed. All burning soot particles are quenched before leaving the spark arrestor.

The spark arrestors are maintenance-free and are designed to be an addition to an existing exhaust system. The spark arrestors can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

All spark arrestors are supplied with a certificate that complies with the OCMA-MECC1 and / or the ATEX EN1834 guidelines.
We can also make custom spark arrestors when the standard spark arrestor cannot be mounted due to lack of space or other restrictions. It is then even possible to the integrate spark arrestor into the original exhaust.

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