Enhance Heavy Vehicle Efficiency with EHC HT Filter Solutions

The HT Filter is designed for both permanent and temporary installation on heavy vehicles, forklifts and working machinery used in confined spaces. The filter is available in multiple sizes and comes in stainless or galvanised steel. Inside it, you will find a disposable cartridge filtration element.

Optimize Performance and Safety

EHC HT consists of a housing with a heat shield made from galvanized or stainless steel. The delivery includes the filter, electric pressure switch with signal lamp or safety valve with membrane and counter flange. EHC HT is available in three sizes, with different exhaust volumes. Every HT model has a light version.

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EHC HT35 Particle Filter
  • Machines with low exhaust temperature
  • For permanent and temporary installations
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Stainless or galvanised steel
  • For heavy vehicles, forklifts, working machinery, etc.
  • Up to 99% efficiency


99,3% of 0-28 nm particle
EHC HT35 – 128mm, EHC HT20 – 100mm, EHC HT10 – 100mm
Max. Temperature
250°C, <350°C for short period
Filter lifetime
The lifetime is dependent on the engine size, engine type, how it is used and engine condition
EHC HT35 – 500mm, EHC HT20 – 400mm, EHC HT10 – 400mm
EHC HT35 – 705mm, EHC HT20 – 715mm, EHC HT10 – 395mm
EHC HT35 – 40kg, EHC HT20 – 23kg, EHC HT10 – 18kg
Filter EHC HT complies with emission standards in TRGS 554 (D), COSHH (GB) and VERT (CH) B272
The EHC Particle Filter can be disposed in regular waste.