How to clean a diesel particulate filter (DPF)

Is the DPF light on your dashboard lit up? Then you should think about cleaning or changing your DPF filter. If it is not cleaned or changed, the build-up of soot and/or ashes will cause the DPF being blocked. During normal working condition the diesel particle filter will clean itself regularly by self-regeneration.  After each regeneration-cycle, some ash are left in the filter and cause shorter regeneration interval. This means that each DPF will need service sooner or later. And at regular intervals you will have to use a professional DPF cleaning services. Keep reading and we will tell you more about how to clean a diesel particulate filter!

Can a diesel particulate filter clean itself?

A diesel particulate filter such as the EHC PF can self-regenerate and clean itself, through a process that burns the soot in the filter. For the self-regenerating to start, the engine must reach a certain temperature. With the EHC PF filter, the engine must reach a temperature of 300°C and the backpressure that the pressure monitor is set to.

If the vehicle is mostly driven short distances the self-regeneration might run into some problems, as the motor will not have time to get warm enough. The regeneration might not start at all or start for a short while but not have time to finish before the motor is shut off again.

Since the self-cleaning of the DPF filter will not be completed, the filter will get clogged up with soot. To solve this issue, you can drive the motor to reach the necessary temperature. Pouring an additive into the fuel tank helps the self-regeneration start and burn gases. If this does not solve the problem, you should look at getting another filter option. Please contact us and we will help you.

Why do I need DPF cleaning services?

Some DPFs must be changed when they reach a certain backpressure. And ashes from the burned soot will accumulate in self-generating DPFs. That is why all DPF filters need professional cleaning services from time to time. But why are DPF services crucial?

If you ignore the need for professional DPF cleaning, the built-up ashes might block the filter and create excessive back pressure in the system. The blockage will make it difficult to gain speed, make driving less fuel-efficient and may overheat the engine. As the blockage builds up, the problems will worsen and can cause damage to the filter.


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