Lorry and Truck Exhaust Filters

Exhaust filters for trucks

Whether you call it a truck or a lorry, a DPF exhaust filter will decrease the emission of hazardous soot from the vehicle’s exhausts. Here at EHC, we can help you find the right diesel particulate filter for specific trucks and help you figure out how to get the most out of this technology for reduced air pollution.

Diesel particulate filters for trucks

Our EHC L20 filter is made for use in production spaces, garages and workshops. With the exhaust filter, trucks can be started and moved with minimal emission of hazardous soot.

With some changes in driving style, diesel particulate filters can perform to their fullest capacity and bring trucks into a new era where reducing air pollution is something that is taken seriously. Making a statement against these issues is more than a positive thing for your brand, it is also a necessity to meet new requirements. 

Ask us about DPF filters for lorries

If you are interested to learn more about the way DPF’s work for trucks, please get in touch. There is a lot to learn about this technology that is specific to the vehicle and in what way it is used. We would love to share our knowledge on this point and provide you with diesel particle filters for trucks.

Have a look at EHC L20 and read more about truck exhaust filters.

EHC L20 on a Bellow pipe for a Euro6 exhaust under the vehicle
EHC Leo2 på fordon