Car Exhaust Filters

DPF’s for cars

With diesel particle filters (DPF) fitted to cars, a reduction of diesel soot emissions by 80 % is possible. This is perhaps especially important when diesel engines are used in confined spaces. With diesel particulate filters, cars can live up to modern expectations.

Sustainable future with DPF for cars

Showrooms for cars are clean spaces. Not a speck of dust can be detected in or around the displays, where vehicles shining in all their glory are shown off to the dazzled spectators. In this immaculate environment, you would expect clean air. And with our DPF technology, it will be. The diesel particulate filter P15 for cars minimises the emissions of dangerous soot particles in production spaces, workshops as well as showrooms. This ensures that cars can be started and moved while keeping the air clean.

Contact us about cars and diesel particle filters

We create DPF that can be fitted to new cars but also retrofitted to old vehicles. The results in reducing the emission of soot containing diesel particles are impressive, but the technology can require a changed driving style to maximise the benefits. Especially for those that mainly drive short distances in cities. Are you interested in diesel particulate filters for cars and would like to learn more? Get in touch with us and we will tell you
everything that you need to know.

Have a look at EHC P15 to read more about dpf filter for cars.