Bus Exhaust Filters

DPF’s for buses

Our diesel particulate filters EHC L20 is used in production spaces, garages and workshops to ensure that buses can be started and moved safely. The DPF technology for buses makes it possible to improve air quality and help minimise environmental impact.

Clean the air – with DPF for buses

Buses are meant to be used on the road but on occasion they spend some time indoors. Usually, this happens when they are made, fixed or upgraded. The confined space means exhaust emissions become a great concern. But there are ways to live up to modern requirements and keep things safe for those that work with buses. With diesel particle filters fitted to buses, those with concerns about air quality can be reassured and a positive impact can be made on the environment.

Ask us about diesel particle filters for buses

Diesel particle filters reduce emissions from buses by catching soot on its way through the exhaust before it has a chance to be inhaled by humans. At EHC, we follow the quality assurance systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, to guarantee security for you and final users across the globe. Because of the way DPF works, there might have to be some changes made to how buses are operated for the technology to run smoothly. If you have any
questions about how diesel particulate filters work for buses and other vehicles, please feel free to contact us!

Have a look at EHC L20 to read more about dpf filters for buses.

EHC Leo2 på fordon
EHC L20 on a Bellow pipe for a Euro6 exhaust under the vehicle