EHC HT – A Particle Filters for forklifts and working machines.

Separation: >99,3% of 0-28 nm particle
Max. Temperature: 250°C, (<350°C for short period)

Particle Filter used for different driving conditions.

EHC HT exhaust filter is recommended when people are confronted with running diesel exhaust in confined spaces. For example in production halls, warehouses and tunnels. THE FILTER FUNCTIONS IMMEDIATELY ON START. HT filters can be mounted temporarily on the vehicle. EHC HT consists of a housing with a heat shield made from galvanized or stainless steel.


The delivery includes, filter, electric pressure switch with signal lamp or safety valve with membrane and counter flange.


EHC HT is delivered in three sizes, depending on the exhaust volume.
Every HT model has a light version which is a simplified model.

Separation: >99,3% of 0-28 nm particle
Connections: EHC HT35 – 128mm
EHC HT20 – 100mm
EHC HT10 – 100mm
Max. Temperature: 250°C, <350°C for short period
Filter lifetime*: ~400 hours
Diameter: EHC HT35 – 500mm
EHC HT20 – 400mm
EHC HT10 – 400mm
Length: EHC HT35 – 705mm
EHC HT20 – 715mm
EHC HT10 – 395mm
Weight: EHC HT35 – 40kg
EHC HT20 – 23kg
EHC HT10 – 18kg
* The lifetime is dependent on the engine size, engine type, how it is used and engine condition. EHC Exhaust Filter meets the TRGS 554 (D) and COSHH (GB) regulation. VERT-Filterlist B416, BAFU, EMPA, TÜV. The filter can be disposed in regular waste.

  • 4220300-EHC-Replacement-filter-HT20
  • 4220305 Replacement filter HT20
  • 4220200 - EHC Replacementfilter HT20
  • 4220400
  • 4220405
  • 4220300 -EHC HT20 Replacment Filter
  • 4220745 - EHC 3-Way Valve Electric.
Electric 3-way valve for installation in the exhaust system. The valve directs the exhaust gases through the filter or straight out.
  • EHC HT10 Particle Filter
  • EHC HT20 Particle Filter
  • 4220760-EHC HT35 Replacement Filter - particle reduction
  • 4220700 - EHC HT35 Replacement Filter - particle filter-reduction
  • EHC HT Particle Filter
  • 4220294 - EHC Flange / Hose Adapter
  • 4220715 - EHC Flange / Hose Adapter

  • EHC HT Light
  • EHC-HT35-with-3way-valve-2
  • EHC-HT35-with-3way-valve-4
  • EHC-HT35-with-hose
  • HT35_
  • EHC HT35 on a Fire Truck
  • EHC HT35 on a forklift
  • HT35-with-a-3way-valve-
  • EHC HT35 - 3way-valve on a truck
  • HT35-with-a-3way-valve
  • HT35
  • EHC-HT20-with-3way-valve-2
  • EHC-HT20-with-3way-valve-3
  • EHC-HT20-with-3way-valve
  • EHC-HT20-with-3way-valve-5
  • EHC-HT20-with-3way-valve
  • EHC-HT20-with-hose_temporary mounted
  • EHC-HT20 with a hose on a compressor
  • EHC HT20 with hose - Temporary
  • EHC-HT20
  • EHCHT20
  • HT20-on-a-sweeper
  • HT20-with-hose
  • HT10-on-a-army-vehicle
  • HT10-on-a-tractor
  • HT10-with-3-way-valve
  • HT10-with-a-hose-on-a-lift
  • HT10-with-hose
  • EHC HT35 particle filter -AhmanByggAB - used for working indoors
  • EHC HT10 with 3-way Valve - Kemna Bau in Hamburg
  • EHC HT35 particle filter used in Low Emission Zone Copenhagen - BMS Denmark
  • EHC HT35 particle filter with 3-way valve on a truck
  • EHC HT-Filter montiert auf einer Maschine bei Gerken-Neuss-Deutschland-Juli 2013
  • EHC HT20 Particle filter on a JCB Machine
  • EHC HT – Particle Filters for forklifts and working machines with different driving conditions
  • EHC HT