Our Exhaust Particle Filters has been on the market for 35 years!

EHC PF Russpartikel-Filter

EHC Particle Filter for higher gas temperatures

QUICK INFO Particle separation: >95% CO/NO2/HC separation: 80-90% Exhaust gas temprature: 300°C The EHC PF Filters are designed for “Heavy Duty” applications. They are recommended […]

EHC P15 Balg adapter

EHC P15 – Particle Filter for starting and moving vehicles indoors

QUICK INFO Separation: >99,9% Aldehyde separation: ~90% Max. temperature: 200°C EHC P15 is an exhaust cleaner for temporary driving of vehicles in factories, ships, workshops, […]

EHC L20 on a truck

EHC L20 – Particle filter for temporary driving of trucks and buses indoors

QUICK INFO Separation: >99,9% Aldehyde separation: ~90% Max. Temp. Standard Replacement, 4120171: 200°C Max. Temp. Reinforced Replacement, 4120371: 300°C Filter life * : ~100 starter […]

EHC HT10 på en traktor

EHC HT – A Particle Filters for forklifts and working machines.

QUICK INFO Separation: >99,3% of 0-28 nm particle Max. Temperature: 250°C, (<350°C for short period) Particle Filter used for different driving conditions. EHC HT exhaust filter […]


Direct-Fit – Particle Filters “Direct-Fit” for cars

EHC Teknik ab offers Particulate Filters “Direct-Fit” for cars. You only need to provide us with some information about your car: manufacturer, model, engine size and […]

About our Exhaust Particle Filters

We manufacture exhaust gas Particle Filter. Below you find information about our different products
  • The exhaust filter is mounted directly to the exhaust pipe of the vehicle.
  • P15 and L20 are used to start and move the vehicles with low engine speeds.
  • Mounts permanently to the vehicle.
  • P15 and L20 reduce up to 99.92% of all particles that are formed when an engineis started.
  • Reduces odours and aromas.
  • Reduces mutagenic, carcinogenic, and allergy-producing substances that aretransported in the air on the particles. It is known that polyaromic hydrocarbons(PAH) and polycyclic organic matter (POM) stick hard to the particles in the exhaustgas and can only be removed by extensive work, as well as that the particlesaccumulate on the workshop equipment in the premises..
  • Reduces gases.
  • Most workplaces have no problems with gas, except for a general problem withodour and soot that is effectively reduced with the EHC Filter system..
  • The EHC Filter system provides its user 100% flexibility.
  • It is activated immediately when the engine starts.
  • It is insensitive towards humidity and can be used in washing bays.
  • Low usage costs.
  • Can be used for most of the exhaust pipe and has a low weight.
  • EHC FILTER for personel protection.
  • It can be used in vehicle factories, workshops, exhibition halls, tunnels, buildings,and on ships..


  • Production of filter systems
  • Special adaptations of particle filters
  • Rental of EHC HT
  • Service of existing filter systems
  • Burning and cleaning of regenerated particulate filter
  • Consulting and Strategic Planning

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