Boliden Mines has mounted an EHC PF particle filter

PF Filter

Boliden Mines has mounted an EHC PF particle filter on a lifting table that works in the Garpenberg mine. The action was taken to reduce Boliden’s NO content in the surrounding area.

The staff have gas meters to ensure that they always have good air quality during the working day.

The EHC PF particulate filter reduces particles and burns gases, the air quality is then below the level that Boliden has set as the maximum limit.
EHC PF itself regenerates when pressure and temperature have reached a certain level.

EHC Teknik ab supplies particle filters and control systems for temperature and pressure.
The control system is required to keep the filter in good condition.

We customize connections according to customer needs and wishes. Can also deliver heat protection and brackets etc.
In the assembly, Boliden itself mounted the filter on the machine as well as manufactured and fitted the thermal protection.
EHC Teknik ab offers mounting as needed.

We also take care of filters that need to be cleaned from ash, this should be done with max. 1500 hours interval.

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