Particulate filters on construction machines

Particle filter


Diesel engines are the rugged heart of Construction: powerful and also frugal in fuel consumption.

But they also produce ultra-fine particulates.

Diesel soot is carcinogenic and increases the risk for diseases of the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system. Construction machines have often to high emissions. This is a health risk, particularly in the vicinity of the machinery and construction sites in the vicinity of lead.

Modern particle filters could save up to 99% of these prevent particles – not only in new machinery, but even through retrofitting. This Switzerland has already shown us, because there have been years construction machines can be retrofitted. Within the clean air planning and in the way public construction works for particle filter are now in Germany also controversial topic:

Particulate filters on construction machines – this goes in Germany and how the retrofit?

The uncertainty is still large, and everyone involved have many questions.

New information and gain you would ensure this workshop opportunity – to consider issues offer. Professionals in engineering, construction, management policy and report on the following topics:

■ Regulatory Framework

■ Requirements for Particle and Certification

■ Available filter technologies

■ Experience with retrofits in practice

■ costs, benefits and implementation on construction sites

This section also presents the first results from the Berlin practice test “particle of Construction”.

New filter technology to touch, low-emission Equipment and instrumentation for monitoring, you can experience at the accompanying exhibition.

For the evening together on 22 May is a Boat trip planned – of course on a boat Particulate filter.

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