Wij produceren uitlaatgasfilters voor alle soorten voertuigen, bijvoorbeeld tractoren, oogstmachines, bussen, vrachtwagens, auto’s, heftrucks, bouwmachines en voertuigen die worden gebruikt in de mijnbouw. Al onze roetfilters zijn geproduceerd met het oog om aan hoogste eisen te voldoen, hierdoor voldoen al onze roetfilters aan de strengste normen en zijn al onze filters VERT goedgekeurd.

Waarom we roetfilters nodig hebben

If you are exposed to exhaust fumes from vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines, you are exposed to health hazards. If that’s the case, our DPF filters are a great tool to reduce air pollution and eliminate up to 99% of hazardous particle emissions. 

We have gathered information about the most common areas of use for our DPF filter technology, for example, they have been fitted to many agricultural machines, cars, forklifts, and buses. 

If you have any questions about how our diesel particulate filters would work in your circumstances, feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to share our insights to help you as well as the end-user get a secure vehicle that helps make our air a little cleaner.

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