How much does cleaning a diesel particulate filter cost?

It depends. We recommend that you reach out to your EHC contact or your nearest EHC retailer in order to get an accurate price estimate for your filter.

Do I need filters for machines, vehicles and cars that will be started and driven indoors?

Yes, this is needed to create a good work environment in workshops, show rooms, tunnels and other places where gas- and diesel-driven machines and vehicles are started. You will need to mount a filter on the exhaust pipe. A self-regenerating filter that is mounted after the engine is only suitable for driving outdoors.

How do I install a filter on an exhaust pipe with a chromed tail pipe?

You install an EHC P15 with a bellows that is inflated inside the exhaust pipe coming out of the exhaust system.

How do I know when the filter should be changed?

We have put a pressure sensor or membrane on our filters, that will show when they are full and need to be changed. You can also change your filter after a certain number of times starting the engine. That way you can ensure low backpressure and good flow through the filter. This avoids causing damage on the filter and using more fuel than necessary.

How should I dispose of used filters?

Since it is classified as normal waste, it is perfectly fine to put used filters in with regular combustible waste.

How long does a filter last before it should be changed?

This depends on whether the filter is used on a gas- or diesel-driven vehicle, the condition of the engine, your driving style and other factors. But these guidelines will give you an idea:

  • With a P15 filter, you can start the engine around 200 times before changing the filter.
  • With an L20 filter, you can start the engine around 200 times before changing the filter.
  • The lifespan of an HT is counted in hours. It can be used for about 100-400 hours of driving, depending on the model.

Does the filter eliminate gases?

Yes, the amounts of gas are lowered but not removed entirely. When soot
particulates are caught, the gas connected to them are caught as well. The gas that passes through the filter is fleeting and will exit through the ventilation.

How much does a filter cost?

This depends on the size of your engine and your way of driving. Get in touch with us to discuss these factors, so we can give you an accurate price estimate.

Is it difficult to install a filter?

No, for temporary driving with P15 and L20, it is easy to install a bellows or cone directly on the exhaust pipe. A permanent installation of HT will take approximately 4- 8 work hours. HT can also be used for temporary work with a machine, using a less complicated installation. PF-filter takes about 1-2 days to install a diesel particulate filter system.

Can I drive with an EHC filter on the road?

No. P15, L20 and HT filters are made to be personal protection for workers, to be used indoors and in limited spaces. The construction enables the filters to catch many small particulates but would make the backpressure too high if the vehicle was driven on a road.

Can an EHC filter damage the engine?

No, the backpressure in a filter is very low. The pressure monitor on an HT filter is at about the same level as most mufflers.