EHC P15 particle filter with rubber cone for Lamborghini production

Lamborghini like to take care of their employees when working in production areas.
This documentary shows how they built a Lamborghini Huracan.
The P15 is used well after construction, start and temporary driving inside the production area.
The P15 reduces particles in the exhaust gas

New dieselcars need EHC Particlefilter

Real-driving emissions from diesel passenger cars measured by remote sensing and as compared with PEMS and chassis dynamometer measurements – CONOX Task 2 report.

Read the study here.

This means that workshops, show rooms and other places where cars and vehicles start and move need exaustcleaning. EHC Partikelfilter reduce particles and gases which is stuck to the particles.

Exhaust pipes with and without EHC PF Particle filter

The image shows exhaust pipes with and without EHC PF Particle filter.

EHC PF Particle filters. Reduce particles in you environment.

Inside a exhaust after a EHC PF Particle filter

The machine is driven for more than 200 hours with particle filter, EHC PF.
For regeneration an additive is used.

Gerken Arbeitsbühnen GmbH – EHC HT20 on their platforms

Gerken Arbeitsbühnen GmbH in Düsseldorf has mounted EHC HT20 on their platforms.

EHC HT reduces particles from the exhaust. EHC HT exhaust filter is recommended when people are confronted with running diesel exhaust in confined spaces. For example in production halls, warehouses and tunnels.

Boliden Mines has mounted an EHC PF particle filter

Boliden Mines has mounted an EHC PF particle filter on a lifting table that works in the Garpenberg mine. The action was taken to reduce Boliden’s NO content in the surrounding area.

The staff have gas meters to ensure that they always have good air quality during the working day.

The EHC PF particulate filter reduces particles and burns gases, the air quality is then below the level that Boliden has set as the maximum limit.
EHC PF itself regenerates when pressure and temperature have reached a certain level.

EHC Teknik ab supplies particle filters and control systems for temperature and pressure.
The control system is required to keep the filter in good condition.

We customize connections according to customer needs and wishes. Can also deliver heat protection and brackets etc.
In the assembly, Boliden itself mounted the filter on the machine as well as manufactured and fitted the thermal protection.
EHC Teknik ab offers mounting as needed.

We also take care of filters that need to be cleaned from ash, this should be done with max. 1500 hours interval.

Continued high emissions from new diesel cars

Article from

IVL: Continued high emissions from new diesel cars

Published by, Christer Wiik – June 30, 2017

Diesel cars in the latest environmental class, Euro 6, release about five times as much nitrogen oxides in real mileage as required by law. This is a survey conducted by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute. In the study, exhaust emissions from more than 30,000 cars are measured outside Gothenburg traffic.

– This confirms what we have previously done; that even the latest diesel cars have high emissions of nitrogen oxides. It shows that legislation and previous emissions controls have unfortunately not worked properly, “said Åke Sjödin, researcher at IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet.

This is the first time that such massive measurements of Euro 6 cars’ actual emissions are presented. IVL has previously noted the problem of poor test cycles, high emissions in real driving for diesel cars and the poor air quality that this results in. One purpose of the study has therefore been to evaluate the actual emissions of diesel vehicles, in particular vehicles classified according to the emission requirements for Euro 5 and Euro 6, as they currently constitute a majority of the Swedish fleet. Diesel cars in these environmental classes today account for one fifth of Sweden’s total nitrogen oxides emissions, about as much as all truck traffic in Sweden releases.

The measurements in Gothenburg show that improvements have been made with the latest Euro 6 emissions standard. On average, emissions of nitrogen oxides in real mileage have decreased by about 60 percent for Euro 6 compared with previous Euro classes. For example, Volkswagen has their Euro 5 diesel cars among the highest emissions, while their Euro 6 cars are found among those with the lowest emissions. Euro 6 trucks and buses also have significantly lower emissions than previous Euro classes.

– This can still be seen as a breakthrough. In the past, we have practically not seen any change in emissions between Euro 2 and Euro 5 exhaust standards in real-life driving. Now, we are finally seeing a decline in Euro 6 cars, although it is a long way before they meet the expectations imposed by the legal requirements, “said Åke Sjödin.

But still driving around many diesel cars with higher emissions on our roads. The study saw major differences between different brands, models and individual vehicles. Emissions of nitrogen oxides are also higher at lower ambient temperatures, which is unfavorable for Sweden. For Euro 5 cars, it is about 60 percent higher emissions at 10 plus degrees compared to at 25 degrees.

EHC Particle filters do reduce particles when starting and moving indoors.
We have EHC HT for forklifts and machines.

Mounting of Exhaust Cleaner EHC HT on Forklift

Mounting of Exhaust Cleaner EHC HT on Forklift

  • The forklift runs in a warehouse moving metal, it also work outdoors.
  • The connection to the filter is made by clamping a flexible pipe between exhaust pipe and EHC HT inlet flange.
  • The EHC HT filter is mounted with vibration dampers onto the roof of the forklift cabin.
  • The service indicator control box is mounted in the cabin with the warning light facing the driver.
  • The driver sees the lamp and hears the buzzer when the filter is filled with particles and it is time to change the filter.
  • It takes about 3-4 hours to mount an EHC HT and only 2-3 minutes to replace the replacement filter.