About EHC Teknik ab

EHC Teknik ab i Partille

We manufacture and develop Particle Filters

The original – EHC particle filter – has been on the market for 30 years!
EHC is based in Gothenburg in the west of Sweden. We are specialists in the manufacture of exhaust filters. Our production started in 1983, and since 1988 we have our own production facilities, located in the Partille neighborhood. We have sales offices in Sweden – EHC Teknik ab, Belgium – EHC Teknik bvba, Germany – EHC Teknik GmbH.


We meet customer specific requirements for specially designed products for exhaust gas purification.


Certified exhaust cleaning for better environment

Our Filter System has been specially prepared to counteract environmental problems caused by exhaust emissions from vehicles which drive short distances indoors and outdoors.


EHC works in conformance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – a quality assurance system which guarantees security for our customers and final users all over the world.


We look forward to being able to help you professionally, and to solve the environmental problems in your plant.


EHC Exhaust Filter meets the TRGS 554 (D) and COSHH (GB) regulation.
VERT-Filterlist, BAFU, EMPA, TÜV.
The filter can be disposed in regular waste.


VERT Assosiation