Video – EHC P15 particle filter for starting and moving vehicles indoors

EHC P15 is an exhaust cleaner for temporary driving of vehicles in factories, ships, workshops, exhibition halls etc.


THE FILTER FUNCTION IMMEDIATELY UPON START UP and gives maximum flexibility indoors and is unaffected by moisture. The filter separates mutagenic, cancerous and allergy producing substances attached to particles in the exhaust fumes.

EHC HT20 Particle filter with a 3-Way Valve infront

EHC HT20 Particle filter with a 3-Way Valve infront

EHC HT is used on forklifts and working machines to reduce small particles in the exhaust gas.

For personal protection it is a simple and good solution.


EHC HT20 & HT35 filter systems on Manitou

The company, Helmut Reiter GmbH from Essen is a distributor of Yale, Manitou
and BULMOR. They have been a customer of our company for some years. They use our EHC HT20 & HT35 filter systems at various construction machines. Here’s a Manitou MRT 1635 which is upgraded with an EHC HT20 filter. This vehicle is working in a tunnel in Dusseldorf. Furthermore, the company Helmut Reiter GmbH have a EHC HT35 filter system fitted between the wheel axles on a Manitou MRT 2150.

EHC HT35 Particle Filter - 4220940

EHC HT35 Particle Filter – 4220940

EHC HT Partikel Filter

EHC HT Partikel Filter

Website about particles filter in Holland

If you are from Holland and if you are looking for more information about DME and particles filters for indoor use, you should visit the website

On this website you will find specific information about the regulations in Holland. Like in Germany (TRGS554), also in Holland  you are obligated to use closed filters when running and operating a diesel engine indoors.

But not all particle filters are allowed. To work indoors you should use closed filters, With a minimum efficiency of 70%.  Open and half-open filters have only a maximum efficiency of 30%-50%.

You will find information about temporary and permanent filters.  Further you will also find a lot of interesting links.

Check out for more information in Dutch about diesel engine emissions (DME) and diesel particulate filters.


EHC Exhaust Particle Filter – 4220920

The company Wiesecker Werkzeugvermietung, in 35418 Alten-Busek bei Gießen, Germany, rent out / sell Lifts, Scissor lifts, Telescop lifts and more..
Whenever they are going to be used indoor/outdoor, the Firma Wiesecker Werkzeugvermietung mount our EHC HT20 & 35 Filter on their vehicle fleet which will work indoors / According(TRGS 554).

4220920 - EHC HT35 Particle filter




More informationen about Firma Wiesecker Werkzeugvermietung do you find on